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serial art number : 770205015
30x40 acrylic painting on canvas inspired from the slightest manifestation between the sky and the ocean

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Anonymous Guest

Olga Dmytrenko 18 May 2005

Helen, this is really awesome.. fantastic!

Julie Mayser 16 May 2005

This is superb ! Wonderful color combinations and great movement.

stephanie atlee 15 May 2005

very vibrant colors and emotions caught in the textures of the painting.

Carl Huffman 15 May 2005

Helen, nice rust and aqua colors in this one, interesting brush strokes too. I'd prefer a true black somewhere in this though, otherwise, I like it a lot. Your slightest inspiration really worked for this!

stan jones 15 May 2005

wow Helen this is awesome the colour blending and swirls brillant