Native American girl in traditional dress

This was painted a few years ago. It is one of my least favorite of my paintings and I hesitated to put it in my portfolio.

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Anita Thompson 22 Jul 2005

Glad you DID put it in your portfolia...I think it is truly beautiful, Georgia!!

NVJasmin Ma 11 Jul 2005

so pretty with lovely colors ,you see I love color and this is just beautiful!!!

Marilyn Servais 09 Jun 2005

why did you hesitate ,this portrait is true , i like the honesty of the eye

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 03 Jun 2005

This is a lovely picture painted with great sympathy and sensitivity. The detail on the feathers and beadwork is excellent. I love your style. It 's reminiscent of Henri Rousseau the impressionist painter. Rather than worry too much about anatomical accuracy, I think it's better to concentrate on developing your unique and original style.

Renate Janssen 31 May 2005

very nice painting, Georgia