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first attemp on drawing a volleyball player... he is a BOY (snif... my friends said he looks like a girl)


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 31 May 2007

Do you play vollyball? If so is that why you drawled the picture?

Rebecca Tan 05 Jul 2006

This is great drawing! To tell you da truth... I thought this person was a girl. XD

Anonymous Guest 07 Jun 2005

Cute. He really does look like a girl. X3 He doesn't seem to have any socks on... The hands are really nice, the positioning is nicely portrayed. The hair is cute, I think what makes him look so feminine are the two longer pieces in the front. If they were a bit shorter, I think he'd look more... manly? Heh. I really like it, though, it's really very cute.

Aris Stathakis 12 May 2005

nice pencil work