Blue Bottle

Capturing the textures in a still life are what make them exciting to do! Can you feel the bumps in the hammered copper? The smoothness of the glass? And onions are always a delightful challenge! Oil on linen


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jennifer blenkinsopp 29 May 2007

outstanding Betty

titta inkinen 19 Mar 2007

Really well captured sense of materials!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Titta! As I said - that's what makes still life fun to do!

Trish Gename 07 Jun 2006

Super work! onions ARE a challenge, but you captured them!

Marilyn Comparetto 21 May 2005

Exquisite work!

Artist Reply: Marilyn, you are too kind! Thank you!

Christine brand 09 May 2005

Masterful, love the sheen of the copper n the shine of the blue bottle, awesome colors together... carefully peal away the signifigance of the past, parchment ...when U come the to the stolen secrets of the heart may U never shed a tear like that of the an onions sphere... nor need a bottle blue to contain the contents for que... Just me sayin Hello n have a great day. Somethin else U inspired me to write, hope U like it! I will have to save it in my little book. For some reason your paintings must be that u truly love your subjects n painting them. I feel the wonder of your emotion in them. Blessings to U ever CB

Heidi Maiers 08 May 2005

Great addition to your portfolio and I'm glad to see that your scans are getting so much nicer. P.s. Happy mom day!


Wonderful composition

joel zelikovitz 07 May 2005

Cork, glass, onion skin, metal, fabric, highlights, shadows, do it all. You're my American Idol. I'd be honoured if you peeked at my last two works & gave me feedback.

Les Jobes 07 May 2005

You just take my breath away! not only can I feel the bumps in the hammered copper, and the smoothness of the glass.. but I swear I can smell the onions!! You are THAT GOOD!! a master oil painter!! Unbelievable talent!! :o)

Renata Cavanaugh 07 May 2005

Beautiful painting...I like that you have used onions instead of the traditional fruit that is used mostly....Superb!

sher richardson 07 May 2005

Oh Betty, fine art perfect.... your palette and brushwork just positivly stunning! Composition is artfully composed.... so impressive...

Linda Eades Blackburn 06 May 2005

Very Lovely!

georgia brown 06 May 2005

Beautiful painting, Betty!

Nancy Woolweber 06 May 2005

Wonderful painting right down to the delicate skin from the onion.

Julie Mayser 06 May 2005

Beautiful shimmer on the metal container... love those onions! Especially the falling off skin.... My hubby just came into the room and said "Boy who did that... its great!" So you get double 10!

Casey Catton 06 May 2005

Yes I can feel those bumps! Your accuracy and use of lght and color are excellent. Really well done!

Jerie kunitsky 06 May 2005

Wonderful....well done.

Toni Rakestraw 06 May 2005

Nice work... I like the color choices. It feels warm.

Rhonda Shereck 06 May 2005

very very wonderful

Terry Bullard 06 May 2005

very nice Betty

Renee Nemerov 06 May 2005

Really like this piece--great color and nice brushwork

Asoka(Mattias) Långström 06 May 2005

hm...very nice