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Madonna's Demon 6 - Embracing the Demon

12 x 16 Watercolor I have been captivated by this vision lately and feel the urge to express it through painting. You may see it here in different forms. . This piece reflects the reality of finding and addressing the demons in our lives. The Madonna is an icon that represents the feminine in it's purest form. No matter how "clean" one's life appears to the outside world - people struggle with their own problems and "demons". Though we emanate goodness and kindness and try to positively affect those around us, we harbor troubles of our own. In this piece the Madonna embraces the demon. She has finally faced the fact that the demon is a part of her and there is no turning away from the problem. She is instead, truly prepared to deal and accept that part of herself that she has until now, turned away from - or hidden from view. The flames surrounding the Madonna are bright - expressing her fierce influence on the world.

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Anonymous Guest

Mark Peterson 01 Oct 2007 the meaning behind this. Acceptance of that part we wish not to struggle with is the key to winning that salvation we all desire. Excellent artwork!!

tim linville 01 May 2005

Not a detail missed,Lisa!Makes a great duallity piece!In your world,the light AND the shadows smile at me:)

carmen melton 01 May 2005

Fantastic detail and movement, kinda sweet.

Christine Walkowicz 01 May 2005

very fun, this is beautiful work

Casey Catton 01 May 2005

Wonderful work. Not only is the painting fabulous to look at...but what your painting absolutely imperitive to personal GROWTH! BRAVO!