Left-Hand study in pencil and white charcoal

copyright 2005. This is a study of my hand I was working on. The highlights are in white charcoal and the pencils are a medium-grade drawing pencil, which I like for its softness and strong lines that can be achieved for me.


Anonymous Guest

Maggi Carstairs 29 Sep 2005

I read hands and this is the hand of a worker... strong, capable and full of heart. Its a good sketch..Awesome

Renata Cavanaugh 12 May 2005

Very nicely done Michael

David Holcombe 08 May 2005

Hands are so difficult to master. This has a very solid, fleshy quality to it. I'm envious and I have certainly tried enough hands.

Wade Harrison 04 May 2005

great job norm.

Leah Jaarveth 01 May 2005

Great job!

Penny Myers 30 Apr 2005

Nicely done, I think hands are hard to do. But you mastered it.

Gregory Edwards 30 Apr 2005

grat hand. Try and garnish it with one item that is not human

Renee Nemerov 30 Apr 2005

Skilful well done