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Happy Birthday 1966

lol this is a picture of, (in order left to right), my brother Bill, my brother Jim, my sister Heidi (3rd birthday), and Me. The picture was actually taken in 1966 by my mother. I have been restoring some of the older pictures that were on slides that were damaged by the flood for the up coming Mother's and Father's Day.

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Anonymous Guest

Chamil Anyssa 06 Jul 2008

i love this photo!

Homayra Amirzada 14 Jan 2006

This is one cute picture you done an excellent job here indeed

Wannarut Banyam 13 May 2005

Pretty Photo !!! I just love your family ;) so happy ..

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 May 2005

What a super retro phot. Would make a brilliant painting. You haven't changed a bit!

Christine brand 22 Apr 2005

Love these family moments! Is that the candle she is about to eat? U r all so happy looking. N of course, U look like an angel... if You put some wings on... that face of your could be a winner in the Angel categorey!