Rose Red

A Spanish beauty


Anonymous Guest

Gayle Taylor 04 Oct 2005

Your art is great!

Jennifer Hewitt 30 Sep 2005

I love all your watercolours, this one is particularly lovely and i like your attention to details, ...thanks for your comment by the way

Mareez Farag 04 Aug 2005

I love your style. beautiful details

Marilyn Servais 30 Jul 2005

What a beautiful and fine portrait Lindy , laces flowers jewels , and the very nice face

Renata Cavanaugh 30 Jul 2005

She is beautiful...I love her dark eyes

michelle meijs 28 Jul 2005

I love your goddess of rose:) the flowers in her hair is lovely

Christine brand 24 Jul 2005

Very beautiful! Have a great day n may U stay well n loved!

Leah Jaarveth 01 May 2005

Lovely :)

joan warburton 22 Apr 2005

Beautiful work! Her earrings caught my eye right away! She has beautiful eyes!

francis kwok peng kin 20 Apr 2005

beautiful watercolour rendering.....

geoff cooper 20 Apr 2005

wonderful, mystical..

tazda lawson 19 Apr 2005

Fantastic piece, but would you do one that shows the whole figure.

Sybille Sterk 19 Apr 2005

Very pretty and lovely colours. I like the smouldering look in her eyes.

sharon Blue 19 Apr 2005

Looks awesome!

tim linville 19 Apr 2005

Excellent work,Lindy!Beautiful colors!

Loredana 19 Apr 2005

Nice work

LouAnn Knight 19 Apr 2005

Beautifully done. Looks more 'alive' it seems, a wistful expression!