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Dream Slayer (slight nudity)

I come to you in the deep, dark night As you sleep, no need for fright We embrace, you are so willing We love all night, each one has their own filling

It's only a dream you say with a scream, not realizing it is too late Til morning's light when I take flight...leaving behind the remains of my plight.

This is the seductress as she first appears then later when sated in her true form.

Vickie3 by Daz, my own body texture, Aria Room by Mechanism, Archon Wings, Awful Soul's new top, Lemnear bottoms and bone hair.


Anonymous Guest

Ralph Miller 08 Sep 2005

Detail always gets me, I'm a sucker for it. Great job!

steve running 21 Apr 2005

I have a dream...Great!!

Annamaria McDonald 17 Apr 2005

I can't even begin to imagine how you do it digitally on a computer???? Wish I could learn, this is nice work!

Mark Peterson 16 Apr 2005

Very cool! wicked and wonderful...nice work Mary.

Maria Tornbak 16 Apr 2005

Nice digital work!!