Sweet  Dreamer

I caught this shot in the park of this little guy enjoying the spring picnic weather. You can almost see what he's dreaming by his facial expressions./Top Ten winning image "Photography" and "All Catagories" April 16, 2005


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Meena Kurup 27 Apr 2005

beautiful innocent shot

Les Jobes 19 Apr 2005

So precious! How adoreable .. I hear ya little guy.. having a nap outdoors in the warm sunshine is lovely! :) Excellent capture Dawn!! He is so cute!!

Vivian Allen 18 Apr 2005

Both of these photo's are fabulous! And such crisp colors!

Crystal Basta 16 Apr 2005

so peaceful. Great shot!

georgia brown 15 Apr 2005

Great shot!

Charlotte Ottilo 15 Apr 2005

Awwwwwww...he looks very happy! Great capture Dawn!

Clif Jackson 15 Apr 2005

Great capture of a tender scene ...sweet dreams!

Ruthee Easton 15 Apr 2005

Awesome shots, Dawn. Perfect image. :)

Konstantinos Karydas 15 Apr 2005

Good sleep ...LOL

Juan Gomez 15 Apr 2005

Awesome portrait Dawn!!

thea walstra 15 Apr 2005

Awesome photograph opf such a sweet little guy

Joke Schotting 15 Apr 2005

So sweet Dawn!!!

sharon hendrickson 15 Apr 2005

Such a sweet photo :D Have you seen Debra Kaye's work ? This would be a great model for her :D Excellent work !!!