Amber Ad

Lay out desine for magazine ad. Blank area for text. Model Amber Dawn/Top Ten number 1 winner "Design/Lay-out" catagory April 12, 2005


Anonymous Guest

Vivian Allen 15 Apr 2005

Beautiful shot of Amber. Those eyes!!

Rodney Hoover 13 Apr 2005

Just thought that I would look at another one of your photos. This one I like much more. Has much more passion than the other one I rated for you. Great color and great drama. Thanks

Ruthee Easton 11 Apr 2005

Beautiful, Dawn. :)

francis kwok peng kin 11 Apr 2005

exceellent colour composition and concept......

Clif Jackson 11 Apr 2005

I like EVERYTHING! : )

Ryan Wollard 11 Apr 2005

I like the color scheme

Konstantinos Karydas 11 Apr 2005

Nice framing here, model too :)

Joke Schotting 11 Apr 2005

Beautiful work Dawn

thea walstra 11 Apr 2005

Great colors and a very lovely photograph.