Mind Games..........

Tina Day copyright.This is an image done in Apophysis and PSP9.To me the centre to all around is inaccessible.


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Christine brand 29 Aug 2006

Excellent image and expression! Wow! great color too.

Magda Elsehrawi 14 Jul 2005

I really like this one!

Emily Reed 31 May 2005

Wow! Spectacular!

Loredana 16 Apr 2005

Love this Tina great color and design :)

Mark Sedgwick 11 Apr 2005

hmmm love the organic feeling and movement with this piece...10+

Les Jobes 10 Apr 2005

very interesting.. like the use of light and shadow.. the effects give me a sinking feeling.. kinda puts me in mind of the movie The Cell (with J-Lo) where they enter 'the mind'.. parts looks like this at times! wild, bizzare, and confusing! Mind games.. good title Lynn.. :o)

francis kwok peng kin 10 Apr 2005

brilliant graphic images......

Ginger Olansen 10 Apr 2005

Love the description! You should name it "Centre to all Accessible". Warm and interesting!

stan jones 09 Apr 2005

wow i feel drawn to the centre in this one well designed

Dawn Bigford 09 Apr 2005

very cool design...

joan warburton 09 Apr 2005

Wonderful colors and design, Tina.

Nancy Woolweber 09 Apr 2005

Love the waves.

Susan Epps 09 Apr 2005

Like this very much, Tina!

Ruthee Easton 09 Apr 2005

It tis an unusual image, Tina. Very much a mind game. :)

tim linville 09 Apr 2005

You guys get John Lennon there too?Nice design,Tina...and thanks for the new song in my head!

Renee Nemerov 09 Apr 2005

Interesting -Skilllful

Jo Glasscock 09 Apr 2005

very very cool

Peter Leahy 09 Apr 2005

really well done

thea walstra 09 Apr 2005

Very beautiful work Tina. 10+++