Sorry I had to delete this the first time I uploaded it but I made a major mistake with which way the hand was pointing and it didn't add up with the direction Luke's pointing.---------- This is fan art for my W.G.N. Hollow Souls. I was trying to make it look like Luke's hair was wet but I inadvertantly made his bangs way to long. There only suppose to touch just above his eyes but oh well; tis just fan art and it is my story after all... Anyway, character copyright me; lyrics copy right Evanescence; refference for gun copyright FS Stock Photos. --------------------------------------- "Whisper" Catch me as I fall Say you're here and it's all over now Speaking to the atmosphere No one's here and I fall into myself This truth drives me Into madness I know I can stop the pain If I will it all away [Chorus:] Don't turn away (Don't give in to the pain) Don't try to hide (Though they're screaming your name) Don't close your eyes (God knows what lies behind them) Don't turn out the light (Never sleep never die) I'm frightened by what I see But somehow I know That there's much more to come Immobilized by my fear And soon to be Blinded by tears I can stop the pain If I will it all away [Chorus] Fallen angels at my feet Whispered voices at my ear Death before my eyes Lying next to me I fear She beckons me Shall I give in Upon my end shall I begin Forsaking all I've fallen for I rise to meet the end [Chorus x3] Servatis a pereculum. Servatis a maleficum.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous ArtWanted.com Guest 08 Apr 2005

excellent art work.

tim linville 08 Apr 2005

Your character has a great sadness apparent...very dark feeling.I really like the lettering work,and how you offset for eye attraction!Great stuff!