Star Bases...

Tina Day copyright.An image done in Apophysis and PSP.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 28 Feb 2009

This is really fantastic ..i love digital art..!!

Helen Alforque Alfeche aka alfechelena 13 May 2005

g r a d e AAAAA. love the composition.

francis kwok peng kin 06 Apr 2005

brilliant design abstract work.....

Ruthee Easton 06 Apr 2005

A Magnificent creation, Tina. Fantastic job. :)

tim linville 06 Apr 2005

Crazy image,Tina!

Dawn Bigford 06 Apr 2005

I love the see through spheres.... this is wonderful

Mark Sedgwick 06 Apr 2005

Love the mixture of Spheres here...:)

Charlotte Ottilo 06 Apr 2005

Very bubbly! Nice job Tina!

jO ANNA jARVIS 06 Apr 2005

Fantastic work...!

Joke Schotting 06 Apr 2005

Gorgeous Tina.

stan jones 06 Apr 2005

wow lots of bubbles and planets great work tina

joan warburton 05 Apr 2005

Beautiful digital work, Tina! Fantastic flame!

Bluemoonshadow 05 Apr 2005

Fun and exciting image, Tina..:-)

Tina Hastings 05 Apr 2005

love the lay out

Flicker 05 Apr 2005

Wow, nicely done.

Susan Epps 05 Apr 2005

Love the flames inside the bubbles, Tina...some very subtle colours in there!

Michelle Moon 05 Apr 2005

its like a dream.

Richard Delay Sirs 05 Apr 2005

Mostly alien - with a good deal of color too - Bravo Tina

florence wojcik 05 Apr 2005

Beautiful The bubbles are so real see through and floating and the oily effect just great

lerat andree 05 Apr 2005

Nice work Tina. Very light and and "lite". Cheers, Andree

thea walstra 05 Apr 2005

A gorgeous mix of a flame and the bubbles Tina. 10+++

Mark Peterson 05 Apr 2005

Digital Rocks! :) nice artwork Tina.

Richard Finnell 05 Apr 2005

Wow I will have to give digital art a shot this is neat.