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Ivan, unknowingly, is playing with a deck of 51 cards. Lil is playing with the 3 of hearts, which is a hint of the saga of the Bongo family, and Mme V is on the phone with someone telling them of the news of her pregnancy. This particular sequence of paintings of the beatniks was sold on ebay 2 years ago. I painted this in oil on a 16"x20" canvas. It has been blended in photo studio. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN

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Anonymous Guest

John Graham Inkson 22 May 2005

Very interesting work. John

Kukua Akumanyi 02 Apr 2005

card games are always great to play... great work Vivian

sher richardson 01 Apr 2005

..i adore Lil too.. wonderful painting and balance of story in the art : )

Reba McDonald 01 Apr 2005

Love it A clever cat.

Rob Mandell 01 Apr 2005

real fun work