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WESTERN ARTWORK By Denny Karchner 27 Aug 2005

from one pencil artist to another, I totally appreciate the "pure" feel of a tight pencil Luke. great style and technique my friend.--denny

Terry Bullard 14 May 2005

This is great, all the well executed details from the zoomed shots to the lettering of the saloon and all the perspectives seem right on - great job.

Charlotte Ottilo 24 Apr 2005

Your portfolio is fabulous! Nice job

Crystal Basta 03 Apr 2005

wow! so much detail!great rendering

georgia brown 01 Apr 2005

Great drawing!

Reba McDonald 01 Apr 2005

Great detail Luke.

Brooke Woodbury 01 Apr 2005

Nice job. The detail and rendring of the piece is awesome

Giovanni Manzo 01 Apr 2005

another fine example of pencil use.

eileen martin 01 Apr 2005

excellent pencil work, wonderful detail, perfect shading and light, and a very creative perspective, good work neighbor:)

joan warburton 01 Apr 2005

Fantastic work! Awesome detail!

Rob Mandell 01 Apr 2005

great work,awesome subject,nice lines