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Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Cel: Ed

This FAN CEL was done on clear, transparent claro with acrylic paints and black, fine tip, pigment liners. background flat acrylic for contrast. I love this series! Finally saw an episode the other day! Ed`s too cute! =)

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Anonymous Guest

Marco Sarroca 03 Feb 2006

FMA!!transmutation!! love the series.. love ur fan art.. keep it up

Anonymous Guest 02 Feb 2006

you friggin drew that???!!!wicked awesome!!! -Hanyou the half deamon

erik stålhammar 18 Apr 2005

Great Image wish i could draw this good :) Im almoste afraid hes gonna transmute me :P

Savannah Stevens 16 Apr 2005

Looks like it came right out of the anime. Great Job.

James Sweeney 01 Apr 2005

Gosh...I see no point of me trying if you're just gonna outdo me so hard :P