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Lil rubs herself along Mme V's legs as she passes by. I painted this with watercolors on 140 # coldpress paper. It measures 2"x3". It is one of my few mini paintings. Whenever they are this small I very rarely paint them in oils. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN


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Cathy Savels 05 Oct 2007

I love this! You obviously know cats quite well! Looks like my cross-eyed cat!

Lucia Stewart 13 Jun 2006

This is beautifully done, wonderful work!

Renata Cavanaugh 21 Apr 2006

Beautiful work Vivian

Angie Waszkiewicz 12 Apr 2006

So sweet and perfect!

Armando Salas 30 Mar 2006

Really cool. Love the colors you used here.

Emily Reed 20 Feb 2006

Really cute, Vivian! Good job!

Jude 09 Feb 2006

I love how you have captured the personality of the Siamese cat in all of your beatnik works. They are a unique breed. Wonderful art work.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 17 Jan 2006

this is so true, and such a gorgeous image! my cats always do that against my black clothes and let their white hairs on me....SO everybody can see I have a lover at home.....

William Boyer 11 Aug 2005

always fun to see your work. fresh and orginial.

Nancy Costley 22 May 2005

Love your style with these characters.

Belinda Del Pesco 01 Apr 2005

Love this! Great Cat, Nice lines, Fun! A+

vitali vitecrow 30 Mar 2005

Very cute! Wonderful work!

Aleczandra Kulig 26 Mar 2005

Awww, this reminds me of my cat when he shows me love. Very cute painting!

Kukua Akumanyi 22 Mar 2005

I love the flip's their and her feet in them it's all magic... so much soo. you have a fantastic affinity for this era..

Katerina Koukiotis 22 Mar 2005

Vivian your watercolors paintings are as creative as your oil ones!!

Reba McDonald 22 Mar 2005

Love it Vivian.

Christina Toews 22 Mar 2005

You've captured the way cat's rub on our leg's perfectly... adorable! Love your creativity. Congrats on your top ten today! :)

Loredana 22 Mar 2005

excellent painting Vivian she is gorgeous :)

Lawrence Hickman 21 Mar 2005

intresting and curious but very good...well done

georgia brown 21 Mar 2005

very cute. nice work

Richard Jones 21 Mar 2005

nice work.

joan warburton 21 Mar 2005

Beautiful as always!

Ruby DeTritus 21 Mar 2005

Very cute!