pretty 01

this is a watercolour work !


Anonymous Guest

Elton Houck 30 Sep 2020


Anonymous Guest 31 Oct 2009

more prettier then the real one

Anonymous Guest 12 Aug 2008

realy very good water colour portrait. flawless work

Gwen Lewis 31 Mar 2007

Very good and what a perfect title.

Anonymous Guest 04 Jul 2005

beautiful. much in the eyes of the girl.... almost aloof but also enquiring. the way the painting has been executed, the medium and colours all come together harmoniously to create a great atmospheric image. emotional and something i can relate to. baie mooi (very beautiful)

Clare Rowley 19 Mar 2005

Wonderful watercolour... great use of color..

Peter Kripgans 15 Mar 2005

excellent, Kamal

derek shockey 15 Mar 2005

beautifully done excellent composition and color, wonderful expression

george martinez 14 Mar 2005

the expression is very well capture, she look so natural, good technique and very well control of the brush, nice shades

Casey Catton 14 Mar 2005

Wonderful, warm and intimate.

Terry Bullard 14 Mar 2005

nicely done, love your use of the medium - great look and composition

Betty Schwartz 14 Mar 2005

A lovely face.

Renata Cavanaugh 14 Mar 2005

Berautiful watercolor portrait

fhiona galloway 14 Mar 2005


Aris Stathakis 14 Mar 2005

beautiful colors

Annamaria McDonald 14 Mar 2005


Susan Shiroma 13 Mar 2005

This portrait is beautifully drawn and I like the complementary color scheme. Very well-composed and painted.

Barbara Beck-Azar 13 Mar 2005

a look, a glimpse into the heart of a painter... the watercolour you created here is eternally beautiful....

Alexandra Silcox 13 Mar 2005

Beautiful use of color. Did you make it with watercolors?

Christine brand 13 Mar 2005

Just one look that is all it took, very lovely portrait.