Anonymous Guest

Rabia Dawood 20 Oct 2007

Beautiful work!

Michael Easter 13 Oct 2007

so mysterious and mornful. What a wondeful combination. Exceptional artwork.

Kathryn Lewis 19 Sep 2007

Amazing work, really clever.

paul megens 21 Aug 2007

very good Aadi.

Rozanne stoman 23 Feb 2007

Wonderful image. What media and size?

Arlene Ehleben 21 Jun 2006

Breathtaking! 10+++

Igor Belinovich 12 Apr 2006

This is a fab design!

sakinah omar 09 Jan 2006

lukisan org melayu lebih bagus dari lukisan org putih.honestly,i really2 like this...i like the tones, the effects, the colours,semuanye. full mark for u..

NVJasmin Rodriguez Garcia 30 Dec 2005

great piece!!!!

Lorena Iordache 30 Dec 2005

very interesting work!

derek shockey 06 Oct 2005

beautiful piece!!! so much energy, great texture and the color is perfect!!! gives me the impression of a flame, perhaps one of desire? 10++++++

Barbara Malczewska 31 Jul 2005

very interesting work

anis yohana 09 Mar 2004

this is cool i luv the affect.. is it fire affect?

dimitris voyiazoglou 06 Feb 2004

a bit of mystery ! nice piece

dimitris voyiazoglou 06 Feb 2004

a bit of mystery ! nice piece 5/5

Mushtaq Noor 27 Jan 2004

Excellent Salman! Keep up pace of painting. I rate it 4/5

Anonymous Guest 24 Nov 2003

Nice texture, I wish I could see the eyes though...

Anthony Barrow 27 Oct 2003

Lovely work