Bast Goddess

"Bast Goddess" 12" x 16" Acrylic and Archival Ink on a Cotton Canvas Sheet, 2005. The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast, or Bastet, is believed to be the daughter Isis and Ra, the protector of home and family. She is both a Moon goddess and a Sun goddess, and her realm is love, joy, music, dance, fertility, happiness, sorcery, and wisdom, She is best known as the cat goddess, and sometimes mirrors the cat's fierce nature in her avenging aspect. The breed of cat I have painted as the Bast Goddess is the Egyptian Mau, the breed believed to be the represented in most of the ancient Egyptian art. It's very easy to see why the Egyptians believed these beautiful cats to be sacred servants of the gods.

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John Cappello 05 Feb 2014

Marvelous Ancient Cat You've Really captured it so Well

Emily Reed 12 Jul 2008


Anne Vis 17 Jan 2008

Fantastic work!!!

shawn hall 17 Apr 2005

awesome!! i am an egyptian freak! great detail and love the writing on the wall!

Jhatonna Turner 13 Apr 2005

Ah! Aww! I love the big eyes! Once again good job on the fur. ^__^