The Inn Keepers Daughter

She could feel it all around her. A tightening in the air. A feeling that the space around her was being touched, by something Evil. She eyed the smokey pub, as she wiped the plank table. Over thirty drunken men and women, loudly laughed, and occasionally sang, filling her night with the usual sounds that she didn't enjoy. Fishermen, stinking of fish and spilled ale, stumbled about, pawing her at every chance. Three English soldiers sat at the back of the room, in bright red uniforms, laughing of their day. The feeling of suffocation followed her through her work night. The inn Keepers daughter drew a sigh of relief when her father slid the bolt on the front door. The smell of drunken sailors hung in the air. Thank the lord for the smoky air, she thought. As she finished her work, she was growing into a panic. Like someone was placing the emotion in her soul. Forcing her to feel fear. She spun in a clumsy circle, looking for this evil.But seeing nothing. The air whisped gently to her face, tickleing her right cheek. It felt like someone had just touched her. Her eyes in a panic darted back and forth, filling with tears. She headed for the upstairs quarters, to find her father. Suddenly she felt someone stepping on the back of her dress. She turned to see him. A tall, dark shadow, with eyes so dark, it was as if his eyes feed on the darkness around them. His hand reached to her neck, as she stood frozen. His touch was ice, yet she welcomed it. 'Good evening' was all he said, as he leaned to her. It was all a blur to her, as he laid her back on the table. She felt no pain, but could only see the candle next to her. With her last breath, she wished God to save her. the flame gave Her the answer,as it faded to smoke.

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Lucana 03 Apr 2014

The movement and feeling in tis is incredible - great work!

Eva Poncakova 20 Mar 2014

is there second part?i can imagine how is her soul stronger then she or someone else could imagine,comes to life,to regret waking up as someone else...dark power changing her life forever.hopefully her soul will win few battles to save some of her basic human moral and emotional elements/feelings...:) another great work in all ways...x

kevin ong'any 07 Mar 2014've earned my respect..

John Cappello 15 Aug 2012

Really Super Imaginative & Excellent Image !

Cathy Holford 15 Mar 2011

Just totally beautiful!