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Even if I have my series of Words of Significance. This word is not part of it.
This image will take me to make a future graph, according to dates and effects.
I will emphasize... Intimacy in the current era will be completely minimized.. ( =nothing to say, or express ) for obvious reasons. Includes personal photos that must be uploaded in absolute privacy, and to my eyes only.
With a certain connection to write above... and in general,
The morning started for me with the last image from a live dream.. the meaning is exciting and obviously, I won't be able to delve into the subject in a public way.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

kath nepia 11 Oct 2022

Very nice, like a news clipping of life.

Anneke Hut 10 Oct 2022

Very special design. I see a domino game. :)

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Anneke.

Joanie Holliday 09 Oct 2022


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Joanie.. Greetings.

Al Budarin 08 Oct 2022

Wonderful Artistry,,,I'm not quite sure as to how you are trying to Express,this Artistry or your feelings,kind of I don't care ,& I Do Care,a positive & a kind of a negative as to the wording itself,,Was it the way you were feeling at the time,sounds like you felt Blah,,,,The Artistry is absolutely Beautiful,Fantastic Colour Blue,

Artist Reply: Thank you Al.. For expression your feelings. Some texts are inspired by things happening in virtual life.. You dont have Always to understand me.. Or my words. Since it was neant for me.. And more people.. That do understand or not.. Have a calm night... Day.

Vicki Pelham 08 Oct 2022

Lovely work Nira, the fade of b/w to color is very nice!

Artist Reply: Thank you... Enjoy the weekend.