THE BLIND ASSASSIN No hawk-eyed precision, nor surgical incision, it's tactical decisions are brought to derision. Its onslaught-obscure, infiltration-impure, unprovacatuer, a sleeper for sure. Blind assassin at best, there's no litmus test, a parasitical pest, a haphazard hot mess. Elaborately entropic, macro myopic, semi-circled crop pic, it's a luke warm hot topic. You won't see it come, its an uptown street bum, a hitch hiker's gold thumb- horizontally plumb. A conundrum unsolvable, obsession-intolerable, a lead barely followable, a day now unhallowable. Creeps in like a thief, touches nothing then leaves, yet you'll feel bereaved with no soul to grieve. Hypochondriac sniper, a fangless pit viper, a windshieldless wiper, a one-word minute typer. Harmless? not so! Its rubberband bow seems scanty and slow, but it packs a blow! This sightless killer will plow like a tiller, grind like a miller, then stuff you like filler. It won't see you, but will run you straight through, with its sharpened skew as the hordes it has slew. Blind assassin is he, obliterating for free. All you humble now flee- Grandiosity!

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