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The Shokgast

Do you dare to explore the catacomb hives of these ravenous, shocking mutants? Will your dig team rescue doomed captives and unearth the bizarre collections of junk, souvenirs, or priceless relics that these flesh eaters hoard? Find out by grabbing your copy of Monday Mutants 18, Shokgast, today! These pack hunters get their name from both their dreaded shock tendrils and their ghast-like tendency to feed on both the living and those in fresh graves. Shokgasts inhabit subterranean ruins and cave complexes, and herein, dig out individual sleeping holes to form ‘crypt dens’. Within each of these cavities, a shokgast stashes its prized collection of treasures. These so-called treasures can range from old action figures, sport cards, batteries, body clippings or even priceless relics. So too, many shokgast catacomb lairs contain living victims. These hapless souls are held in makeshift larders for when the hunting outside is poor, or the graveyards of nearby settlements freeze over. Will your character end up in such a pen? Introducing our 18th Monday Mutant presentation for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. At twelve pages long, this offering is way bigger than was expected and is surely the biggest one we’ll ever do. Honest. It includes a 2d20 random collection roll table, along with four mini adventures with isometric view maps showcasing an assortment of sample shokgast crypt dens. drivethrurpg.com link https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/397160/Monday-Mutants-18-Shokgast gumroad link: https://outlandarts.gumroad.com/l/abhdg Grab ‘em all here: https://www.outlandarts.com/mondaymutants.htm

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