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The Mill

One of my first oil paintings. Reference was a painting of an old Dutch painter, I have no idea what his name was anymore. It was on a calendar ages ago.


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jimmy guan 27 May 2016

Love it!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Jimmy!

yves colas 07 Oct 2014

a masterpice,i am speechless...wonderfull painting,frame too,awesome.

Artist Reply: It has been hanging in my mother's room for a long time. Thank you very much, Yves!

Pamela Rivera 01 Jul 2014

beautiful work:)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Pamela!

lillianhibiscus 13 May 2014


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Lillian!

curtis wood 12 May 2014

very fine work anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Curtis!

Joanie Holliday 12 May 2014


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Joanie!

Dawson - Lynn James 12 May 2014


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Dawson!

Kate Gallagher 12 May 2014

Outstanding work Anneke, very beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Kate!

Vincent von Frese 08 Oct 2012

My favorite!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Vincent!

Belal al-Ja'beer 21 Dec 2011

Warm colors

Artist Reply: Many thanks Belal!

Lili 23 Aug 2011

Beautiful artwork.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Lili! :)

Eunice Broderick 20 Apr 2011

Very.. Beautiful..Anneke Hut.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your kind words, Eunice!

craig moline 06 Oct 2010

Wonderful work Anneke

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Craig! :)

John Cappello 18 Aug 2010

Home & the exotic fullfillment.

Artist Reply: Dear John, thank you so much for your beautiful words!

Teresa O'Dell 29 Jul 2010

I LOVE this! Good Job!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Teresa!

Cynthia Nolan 03 May 2010

I realy Love this one ,so much detail, Realy good.

Artist Reply: It was fun to paint this with the little persons on it.:) Thank you for the wonderful comments, Cynthia!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2009

Lovely Painting. Very classical. Traditional. Good office. Beautiful. Yours. José

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, José!

Joe Parrinello 15 Oct 2009

Beautiful! Great detail!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, Joe!

Sigridur Bachmann 24 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: It's an oldie, it's hanging in my mother's living room and my dad smoked cigars as you can clearly see. :) But I think that belongs to a painting too, better than lying unseen on an attic, don't you agree? :) I'm glad you like it, thanks my friend!

enes sabanovic 20 Aug 2009

beautiful pic. :)

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Enes, I'm glad you like it! :)

Mark Barnett 10 Jul 2009

Cool painting!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Mark!

Elizabeth Janus 19 May 2009

Anneke ..this is unbelievale I had a dream twonights ago with this same picture ... and I didn't know why ? Now I know outstanding

Artist Reply: How funny that you dream of my pictures. :)) Thank you very much, Elizabeth. It's one of my first paintings, it's hanging in my mother's livingroom.

Beatrix Jahn 08 Mar 2009

I never saw this one Anneke...its amazingly good! Like an old master! You too are extreemly versatile and its exciting to see what comes next! xoxo

Artist Reply: It's one of the first of the few oil paintings I have done. It's hanging on my mother's wall. :) Thank you very much for viewing my mill and the kind words, Trixi!

Marika Antal 19 Feb 2009

most gorgeous work!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for the kind comment, Marika!

josef balek 14 Feb 2009

Hallo! Holland mühle, wunderbare motiv. Ich will diese jahr sehen persönlich und auch Amsterdam. Holland ist Holland! pepíno

Artist Reply: Ich hoffe, dass deinen Aufenthalt hier angenehm mag sein. Ich hoffe auch dass Holland immer Holland bleibt, Amsterdam ist schön! :)

Faye Facer 31 Jan 2009

This is realism. Has an Old Masters feeling about it. Will get back to you on this on for and ArtandPoetry display. Will have to do some research for poetry.

Artist Reply: Hi Faye, I just replied to your email, that's a wonderful plan! Thank you very much for stopping by at my gallery!

Anna Marie Fritz 23 Jan 2009

A writer is always advised: "Write what you know." The same applies to art, as is seen in this gorgeous oil you have done. Aside from kitties, Anneke, I think this is one of your specialties. Really, really good!!! I believe it is from a Van Dyke canvas.

Artist Reply: Anna Marie, what a wonderful words you write to my painting! Thank you so much!! I have googled the painter, there was only a Van Dijck, but he painted portraits. While searching I stumbled upon Vermeer and saw his view on the harbour Delft, it was in the same style. Could be it's a work of him, because these painters are often on calendars as this one was. It has been so many years since I painted it, I really would love to see the original.

Patricia Brett 04 Jan 2009

Very, very beautiful. A true masterpiece!

Artist Reply: Wow, thank you!! Patricia, I really enjoyed all your wonderful comments, they are very much appreciated!

George Banks 22 Dec 2008

So beautiful...

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, George. It's hanging in my mother's livingroom for ages, that's why it's a bit 'weather-beaten' :)!

cheryl hardy 15 Nov 2008

I can't believe how beautiful this is....I really love this so much.

Artist Reply: You brighten my day, Cheryl! Many thanks for the visit and the wonderful words!

Holly Martinson 12 Oct 2008

Fantastic job on the windmill, the entire painting is wonderful.

Artist Reply: Hi Holly, I'm glad you like my old mill! Thanks a lot!

margaret mckeehan 06 Aug 2008

Wonderful work, the composition and the detail again are fantastic..........

Artist Reply: Credits for the composition go to the old painter, I was just practizing here, this is one of my first paintings. I'm glad you like it, Margaret, thanks!!

Olga van Dijk 16 Jul 2008

WELCOME TO THE ART GROUP DOUBLE DUTCH TOUCH... wat een geweldige manier om Holland te promoten Anneke~ Het is een schitterend schilderij en inderdaad ziet het er uit alsof het van de hand van de oude meesters komt. BRAVO!

Artist Reply: Hi Olga, ik denk dat de hand van de oude meester nog het meest veroorzaakt wordt door de dikke laag nicotine die er op zit! hahaha Zo goed van je dat je de Dutch Group gemaakt hebt. Leuk, zo'n Hollands eilandje in de AW zee! Bedankt voor je lieve comment! :)

Nira Dabush 30 May 2008

Outstanding artwork , Anneke.. Exquisite work !!! love it!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Nira! Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Irmina Santaika 28 Apr 2008

I love it very much too.... I can feel here our past Soul...

Artist Reply: In some old Dutch cities it still looks the same, except for the clothes. :) Thank you for all your wonderful comments to my work, Irmina. I appreciate it a lot!

ANTARES 15 Mar 2008

Splendid work.

Artist Reply: Hi Antares, good to see you. Thank you for the kind words!

Martha Cable 21 Dec 2007

I think this one is your best landscape picture....10 from me!!!!

Artist Reply: Wow! Thanks a lot, Martha!! :)

Alexandra Dvinitninova 15 Sep 2007

You could sell this as a Rembrandt.

Artist Reply: LOL Alexandra, I'm afraid Rembrandt wouldn't agree. Nevertheless thank you for your wonderful words!

Peter McPartlin 28 Jul 2007

Wonderful painting i think you have captured the dutch late 18th century colouring very well

Artist Reply: Thank you Peter! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Andrew Hunter 13 Apr 2007

anneke this is the first time i have seen your work and its very good especially this one above and of the butterfly well done

Gerard Johnson II 16 Mar 2007

Very nice Looks like a old masters painting. Good Job

pamela usher 04 Mar 2007

thank you Anneke for your comments. I like the painting very much good work

Martha Miller 12 Nov 2006

very beautiful Painting..Anneke. Just lovely....

kiddolucas lee 27 Jun 2006

Looks antique enough..Excellent spirit

John Graham Inkson 12 Jan 2006

Very well done. Regards Joihn

bert cortes 16 Nov 2005

One beautiful painting, Anneke. The type I love to paint, if I could. Congratulations.

Stella Violano 08 Nov 2005

this is really wonderful work! It has geat depth and just enough color to bring the scene to life! Fantastic!

Emily Reed 27 Aug 2005

So wonderful, looks like a fairy tale.

Jose Pedro 21 Jul 2005

nice work

Reba McDonald 16 Feb 2005

Beautifully done Anneke

Thomas Harris 14 Feb 2005

Gorgeous artwork Anneke! old world charm rendered masterfully and to perfection, truly fasntastic...way to go!

pieter van gelderen 14 Feb 2005

beautiful work Anneke

Milky Way 14 Feb 2005

This is beautiful, rich colors, very good work. I would rethink the frame but maybe that's just personal taste!

Artist Reply: I can't take the frame off anymore, it's hanging on my mother's wall like this, I just made a photo of it. It was a present for my parents 25th wedding anniversary The frame was more expensvie than the painting ever will be! LOL

Billy Lewis 14 Feb 2005

Fantastic work.

Nancy Woolweber 14 Feb 2005

Great painting. You've done a great job.

Charles Oliver 14 Feb 2005

Excellent work. Exceptional.

Tabitha Borges 14 Feb 2005

very very nice all the great details.....