If anybody has ever seen the movie "Top Gun" then you may recognize the airplane in this picture. For those who don't know it's the F-14 Tomcat and unfortunately it's being retired in 2006 and this is my picture for it. As a aircraft mechaninc you really get attached to the airframe that you work on, I've never worked on this but growing up it was my all time favorite and I truly hate to see it leave our service, I hope this picture does it justice and shows others a small part of the military. As for the pictures used in making it i got them off of the Navy website.


Anonymous Guest

Thom Roslan 09 May 2006

Fantastic Collage Effect for a Honorable Retiree...The F-14 "TomCat" share the skies with the P-41 Mustang & the F4U Corsair......You can really design Military Graphics.......

Anonymous Guest 18 Aug 2005

Top Gun was my favorite movie for a long time - this is a great photo collage

Aris Stathakis 07 Mar 2005

It's great