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Mutated Wave Lurker

From yesterdays release of our latest Monday Mutant. There are ten common mutation options for these reptiles. Collect them all! Grab your pdf right here: Like so many beasts of the Epochian new era, the people of this age call the terrifying new creatures by some physical feature or behavior the mutie beast displays. These are straightforward, no bullshit descriptions, something that the various humanoid strains can relate to other people with few words, which is often important when a watcher on a wall or barge deck must make their cry of alarm. With the shriek of “Wave Lurker!” everybody aboard a crude scrap-built cargo ship or junk walled village knows what is coming for them. Once the alarm is given, people can either grab the right weapon, dash to their battle stations, flee to a secure area, or pray to their wasteland god for admittance to the afterlife

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