“ThErevMrJdTrefzGeR Monster: In three panes,” ©2022

One of my dark monsters who has caused me suffering, pain, shame, depression, anxiety, fear and distress for 68 years of my life! It is the hidden name of the man who sexually abused me when I was only, 1-2 years old at my dad’s graduate school/Seminary,…he was studying to be a Christian minister after returning from WW-II,…and it happened when he was babysitting me! I didn’t have flashbacks until I was in my late 30’s! This perpetrator is still free, living his life because it was way past the 10 year limit to report him to the police,…but as a survivor of sexual abuse, I made a better Clinical Therapist II, Q.M.H.P., for children and adolescents who were victims of a variety of abuse and neglect for nearly 20 years of my life!

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