Sara Conca artist at work

Sara Conca is featured in a documentary by fellow artist, Ohdavam. About Sara Conca from her official website: Abstract art is open to interpretation and gives us the freedom to explore the artwork and assign our own meaning to each piece. This intensely personal process enriches our experience viewing non-representational work and is one of the most beautiful aspects of the style. Such is the journey when viewing the paintings by American, contemporary, abstract artist, Sara Conca. Her vibrant works celebrate light, movement, and healing, using layered natural materials and textures to create immersive and constantly renewing landscapes. "I want each piece to look like it’s alive, not only with paint and movement, but also with natural materials that the living earth provides", says the artist. Conca creates her signature, mixed media paintings in a distinctive process all her own - she paints in reverse building the image from foreground to background in careful layers. This technique requires an intuitive and meditative approach, which she often attains by painting in plein-air along the peaceful riverbank of her rural home.

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