Again, Frida



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Kristof Frazier 19 Jun 2006

Oh I LOVE Frida! She is one of my heros and favorite arists as well as her husband.When I was younger I used to do American Native art that had simular styles.This is a faboulous tribute Marlem. And thank you so much for commenting on my pastel.Sorry it took so long to get back.Katrina sort of disrupted my life for a bit :) Keep up the beautiful work.Gracias

Svitozar Nenyuk 06 May 2005

Good color!!!

geri pratt 06 Mar 2005

Frida is a big hero of mine. I think she'd love this rendering.

Wendy De Rycke 05 Mar 2005

I like this Frida the best. 9 only because the shadow under her eyebrow looks like her eyebrow has gone astray.

Randy Smith 17 Feb 2005

Hi Marlem Randy (the high plains drafter) from Kansas here. THis lady, Frida, she is eautiful. You do very nice work. Your spirit shines!