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EYES CLOSED--NUDE STUDY DRAWINGS 1...(C)...2021...ELTON HOUCK--DIGITAL/DRAWN WITH EYES SHUT.....------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------..

ELTON HOUCK subway art. pop, abstract, outsider artist

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Ginger Lovellette 04 May 2021

Elton, you do love the female body, don't you? Especially the boobs. I notice a lot of your images of gals center on the boobs. You dirty dog, you! Have to admit, tho, your images always are very imaginative and artistic. Been a fan for a long time although not so much for your female images. However, sure do admire your talent!

Artist Reply: Guilty....thank you for the commentary....the female anatomy is a very eye pleasing array of curves and contours and as such it is because God designed I would not be one to fight the Lord God.....I am a student of the beauty of creation....