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Morning Glory



Anonymous Guest

Kevin Smith 16 Oct 2020

Quite lovely.

Debra Kott 16 Oct 2020


Vernonette Gaddy 16 Oct 2020

Lovely photography Nancy. At first glance, I thought that the flower was a dove. Looking at your Morning Glory photo gives me a serene feeling. :)

Al Budarin 15 Oct 2020

Morning Glory,it sure is,it opens up in the morning to greet you,,,GOOD MORNING,,,as you sit & sip on your coffee,,They have such wonderful vines all tangled up going every which way,absolutely Stunning ,then as the Sun sets down Earth meeting the sky in full tangerine Colour,the MORNING GLORY slowly closes up it's petals up for another day,these come in so many varieties & species today from a dusty blue tone to different coloured hues ,to a tense Almost purple with all the hundreds of Hybrids out there ,Absolutely a Spectacular Photo.

Joanie Holliday 15 Oct 2020