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Kukua Akumanyi 03 Sep 2006

Very clever and clear... choices in love are just as clear if you take away the drama.

Christine brand 31 Dec 2005

Hello Andrey! this is clever! I especially enjoy the part "Cry"... interesting from a Mans' point of view...usually there has been a little trouble with emotional release in that area...not that I don't understand, I do. I just thought it was particularly nice that you interjected that....Happy New Year to you too. Thanks for including me in your thoughts. I am much Happier now that I know someone else wishes me well. Cheers! I do hope all goes fantastic for you this year and for an eternity. Nice to meet you. I love a person that can see the lighter side of life. What a wonderful gift you have. I admire your heart. Sincerely CB

Vishwas Suryawanshi 12 Dec 2005

great !

joan warburton 28 Jan 2005


Tabitha Borges 28 Jan 2005

So true the words.. nice work.. really nice..10++++