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I prefer to be totally myself... and always have the right to choose for myself.
While some other people enjoy being controlled by others, and will not make the smallest effort to become themselves... Since other people choose for them.. They did not understand they lost their own choice, in some/ many ways.., their own taste... together with losing their conscience.
Don't be afraid to be yourself, to be able to choose right for yourself and yours.
Happiness in safe privacy, plus good healthy life to all of us.
Thanks for visiting.
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Just love it... Traffic from yesterday 84... it's more as I checked it few minutes ago... So... were are the comments ?... Ha.. HAHA...!


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Thom Roslan 01 Aug 2020

That's suBtle enough Niri.......Hope "those" people understand it !

Vernonette Gaddy 31 Jul 2020

Very good self-appreciation advice Nira, and brilliant kaleidoscope-like designs also. :)