Trying out new ways of coloring. Take a look and let me know what you think! Done on Bristol 14"x15" Colored Pencil and Ink SOLD


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gregg dutcher 31 Jul 2006

Super use of compositing colors and shapes to your illustration!!!

jessica torrant 28 Apr 2005

This might be my favorite, but all of your work is really impressive. The layered shapes of color is genius - A+++!!

Barbara Beck-Azar 10 Feb 2005

Imaginative, intricate drawing. I love the layering, colors and presence of black and white as foundation. Your transition from comic to abstract art is successful! Awesome work, Jay.

Aleczandra Kulig 01 Feb 2005

Very interesting but yet complexed drawing. I love how you used the triangles in the light colors. Just wonderful!

Michal Musil 26 Jan 2005

interesting...i love it

Christine brand 26 Jan 2005

looks like great fun! like one of those stacking games, remove the wrong thing n it all falls, u have manged to construct something that is filled with movement but is not too busy, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A MASTER AT BLOCKS WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD. Hmmm! it looks like my desk sometimes. An active mind is a sign of a good thing, right?! very different from the other abstracts I have seen, like the demensionality.

Joshua Harvey 25 Jan 2005

The looks very time consuming, my eyes follow you pic all over!! Well done!

Clif Jackson 25 Jan 2005

Unique and beautiful!

Juan Gomez 25 Jan 2005

Very good work..I like it..

Loredana 25 Jan 2005

Its very nice Jay very interesting Composition i like the stacked effect and the triangles are real neat :)

john sayer 25 Jan 2005

I give this an 11

sher richardson 25 Jan 2005

i very much like it Jay... at first glance i didnt realize the triangle gels.. nice depth and design... its bohemian : )

Maria van Bruggen 25 Jan 2005

Wonderful flow of forms and color!

thea walstra 25 Jan 2005

Very interesting and beautiful work Jay! 10++++