Thought (Cloud)

size: 30/30 cm wooden letters glued to the canvas


Anonymous Guest

Elton Houck 15 Jun 2020

Have i offended you? That was not my intention...really like your jabs at common ideas and your word play is uniquely comical..I..and i want to see more of your art.keep it're doing GREAT!

Elton Houck 09 Jun 2020

the header on the clock with the numbers jumbled at the bottom was--"WHATEVER"

Elton Houck 09 Jun 2020

This is so funny--that is I bought a wall clock today that has all the numbers jumbled together at the bottom of the clock and has a headed that says '

Artist Reply: you have to figure out what the message of the universe is (that with the clock) .. I know what message you are to me (with your clock) .. thanks for the comment