Fine art original oil painting on a stretched cotton canvas, created using a knife. There's a very high level of fine detail in this carefully composed, contemporary but photo-realistic painting. The ballerina model is simply beautiful. It's a sensual composition, full of hidden meaning, passion, drama and emotion. She's oblivious to the viewer and proud of her physique and sensuality. Freedom - We all need and value it so much... Freedom - Of lifestyle, choice and activities... Freedom - To act, speak, or think as we want... Freedom - The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved... Freedom - Having lived in Saudi Arabia, I realise the importance of it... Freedom - Is beautiful, attractive and captivating, yet flighty... Freedom - Realise it, respect it, and give it! Take her home today!

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alan webb 07 Jun 2020

Simply put....such a beautiful portfolio......great figure art.