I have a tiny Creek rock with a hole in it and a lovely rolling woodland immage that looks sorta like this. It has a story. A special one cuz I put it in a silver heart treasure box with two magnet beads I found. I don't remember the story. That's the hole in the story. I just know it's special because of where I kept it. I watched a glue video and wanted to try it out so there is glue on the painting and acrylic and watercolor. I just noticed it has a camera watermark too lol. Oops. When I made this I filled in some dark spots in my life in my bio. So it's at the hole in that story. It's not an empty hole like the rock and it isn't filled with dark matter like the painting. It's transformed by the light of the world in Christ. That's the truth. He's amazing.

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James Mann 13 days ago

I love a good story. Works for me...

Artist Reply: I guess the story is it looks like a pretty rock whose story I forgot.