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Mermaids turn back in fear of the many Man of War. Image is not to be misappropriated in any way without my written consent. Copyright © V O ALLEN


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John Graham Inkson 01 Mar 2006

Very well put together, wonderful illustration for a story. Regards John

Brigitte Hintner 04 Sep 2005

Vivian , you have a wonderful series of mermaids created ! I love them !

Emily Reed 03 Jun 2005

Enchanting mermaids.

Blonde Blythe 07 Feb 2005

Beautiful! I really love the colors in this one! Her dark, wavy hair really sets it off!

Dawn Landrum 23 Jan 2005

This is breathtaking! I am so glad you commented on my art so I could come and return the favor and see what you've done. Wow! You are set in my favorites now! Thank you.

Lucas Seven 22 Jan 2005 looks awesome to me...

Katerina Koukiotis 21 Jan 2005

Beautiful full of emotion artwork another excellent mermaid painting!

tjames zanotti 21 Jan 2005

A little light vatiance would make the scene more dramatic and give it more depth.

shaylise spriggs 20 Jan 2005

very creative and enchanting.

mondo rosales 20 Jan 2005

nice idea although it doesn't feel quite thought out, no direction