Disney Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel

Title: Elektra. Original Size: 80 x 55 cm. Mediums: Photoshop. Materials: Mac, Photoshop, Wacom tablet. Techniques: Digital painting. Surface: Mac. I haven't made any art for a while but managed to acquire free time and creativity during this dramatic time in our lives and so entered another art contest to try take my mind off things. The contest wanted a reimagining of a Marvel character which will be in an exhibition at the grand reopening of the Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel at Disneyland Paris. I was tempted to just do a quick comic book style image (Ink and digital colour) but instead I completely threw myself into the contest and decided to go completely within the theme of the hotel and created a digital painting set in a 1920s speakeasy in Marvel's New York. I was inspired by art deco and fashion magazines of the period and managed to not only include Elektra as a femme fatale but Bullseye as a gangster. The other guy is just some random guy but most likely a private detective hence the dodgy look he's giving Bullseye. I tried to keep the painting fairly loose as well to stick with the 1920s traditional art style.

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