Beauty in uniqueness by Dawnyell Senger |

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This is a tree that sits on a street corner in Moorhead, MN near Concordia College. I don't know if the roadways were designed around this specific tree, but the uniqueness of this tree caught my attention several years ago and I have never forgotten it. I'm not of the habit of focusing attention on a specific tree and returning to that tree for reasons other than it's near my home or I frequently drive by, however, I have set posed pictures by this tree and pointed this tree out to others I have worked with. This is a unique tree.


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Marie josé LAURIER 23 Oct 2019


Artist Reply: Thank you, Marie! I would have to agree, as I said in my description, a tree doesn't often draw me back time and again as this one has. :-)

Debra Kott 23 Oct 2019

Great shot.

Artist Reply: Thank you Debra!