What Remains?

I painted this painting over a year ago, never giving it a name and never photographing it as my husband and I were moving at the time of it's finish. And for months now the painting has been hanging over our bed and I've enjoyed looking at it's simple abstract image, without a lot of detail. It's very blue and glossy and finished with Resin. So, boy was I surprised after recently photographing this painting that a huge transparent Reptilian showed up and was there all along! Where the heck did HE come from? Now I cannot look at this painting without seeing this characters haunting eyes staring back at me! A scary dude with a dead rat on his head no less... but one that makes me laugh too. He's managed to pull one over on us and I have the feeling he's actually a protector rather than an actual monster. If you look close at his eyes there's a bit of softness there...like he's wearing a Halloween mask and he's getting such a kick out of being secretly hidden in the acrylic paint.

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