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Is life a quest for the perpetual 'golden fleece' or is it just a daily grind that, like a pencil sharpener, leaves us, in the end, a short little nib without much of a point? Hmmm. Such an existential question and so well-worded even I am pausing now to give a little think. Here's another 9 by 6 inch gel pen drawing on medium bond acid-free paper for your perusal. Hey, maybe try rubbing two words together until you get something like a spark. Yeah, just keep rubbing. Miracles happen, I've heard. But is it Original Jones Art? Only time will tell here in the dust bowl capitol of the world, Austin, Texas.


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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 12 days ago

The arrows show the way,..hey, are you Romeo in this scenario! ;) Love your black and white sketches. I think these art pieces, are ready to go on a series of white coffee. "Coffee and Thee" would give fans a chance to mull over your works:))

Artist Reply: Thank you! I usually have a phrase that keeps repeating in my head once a drawing is beginning to coalesce. The phrase changes a bit until it's done, then I pronounce that last edit its title. It's just an old way of saying, "Where are you?" Are you referring to a coffee table book, Mark? Sounds good. :)

Barry Huyett 12 days ago

2 busy...2 UR??

Artist Reply: If you've read my blog, Barry, I stated at one point that I comment when and where I feel moved to do so. It is everyone's prerogative to do likewise. BUT I never write a short and meaningless one. And two or three words? I'm much too verbose for that. Sometimes what I write in the description I do as a provocation to viewers---just to see if they are not only reading but doing so for comprehension. Nicely done, BTW! ;).