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Marija Knezevic 25 Sep 2019

Love the colors on this one. playful and charming. keep up the good work.

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Rachel Reichert 11 Sep 2019

Amazing photo

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Stefani Wehner 06 Sep 2019

SUBLIME!!! My PIC today!

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Nira Dabush 05 Sep 2019

Beautiful Orchid Shot.... SPLENDID WES!

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Kevin Smith 05 Sep 2019

Lovely...delicately captured.

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Sigridur Bachmann 04 Sep 2019

Gorgeous flower, and lovely and very colorful photograph Wes !

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Charles Jones 03 Sep 2019

This is quite the beautiful specimen beautifully captured and exquisitely displayed, Wes. As I look out open my burnt lawn with its drooping hedge here in central Texas, I am more than a little envious. :)

Artist Reply: Thanks, but my hedge is over grown and front lawn is very bad because of the trees, not enough light. Stopped growing orchids back in the mid 80's, just photograph them at the monthly meeting and the shows. Live in the Arlington, between Dallas/Ft. Worth. Thanks, again, my friend.

Lorna Skeie 03 Sep 2019

BEAUTIFUL I love the colors

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Debra Kott 02 Sep 2019


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Jill Smith 01 Sep 2019


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Beth Serra 01 Sep 2019


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