Yellow Robin and banksia Australian bird Art Susan Willemse

Yellow Robins and banksia was inspired by the little yellow Robins that arrive each winter in our local nature reserve here in Canberra. Banksia is one of our native plants they were spotted in. With this artwork I tried to portray the different wild bird personalities- the chatterbox, the shy ones wanting to fly away, the content and the confident ones- all are revealed when you take the time to know them when out photographing avian nature. Yellow Robins and banksia has been featured in International Art Awards catalogues- The International Prize CARAVAGGIO, Italy and has been published in the International Art Contemporary Magazine. Thank you to Salvatore and Francesco Russo for this lovely offer. A personalised commemorative catalog (21x21 cm) with this artwork will be received as well as a certificate of Authenticity with this artwork. This artwork can be viewed at

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Vernonette Gaddy 21 Aug 2019

Brilliantly created art Susan- the birds are pretty and I can easily imagine hearing them chirping. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you Vernonette, they do make me smile -one was in the car park at the local nature reserve and it took a long time to leave the inquisitive little feathers ! Their gestures talk to you too, in winter it is "any food for me?" :)