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Inertia is defined as 'a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.' Everything we are sits in that brainpan, every nuisance, every thought. I would think apathy plays an integral part in the average man's ability or inability to actually DO something dramatic enough to create a pattern of self-change. Dare we use the word 'evolution?' This painting is based on one of the small drawings I uploaded to this site recently. The title came to me in an instant and I included it in the drawing, as well as this painting. This is a 12 by 16 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. This brainpan thinks it's Original Jones Art as it continues its evolutionary trek in and around Austin, Texas.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 12 Aug 2019

Great title to this illustrious, colorful and deeply meaningful art piece, Gharles! A masterful acrylic! When I first looked at him, I thought it was me with a frying pan sitting on my brain, burning away the last of my memories since I've been experiencing short term memory loss! It also reminds me of tray therapy I used with younger children to understand there issues through their eyes and mind.. I certainly don't want to die pathetically, lethargically, or brain dead! Kudos on this excellent art piece. Mark Kokopelli

Artist Reply: Thanks, Mark! Seems I've been sculpting and drawing more than painting recently. You can't serve multiple masters, I've noticed. Thanks for the great comment! Tray therapy sounds interesting. Hope you are continuing onward and upward. As we age, memory plays tricks on us---like Lucy always moving that football before Charlie can kick it. :)