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Well, as luck would have it, there are more blank pages in the 3 by 5.75 inch notepad so I've fiddled two more drawings into being. Just so you know, not all of my scribbles make the cut but I am very good at rescuing a drawing from the recycle bin. I like titles. In fact, I'm not sure I would draw as much as I do if I weren't so adept at pulling titles out of my head. It becomes part of the process and a fun one. This follows into my paintings and sculptures as well. So please say hello to a couple more bits of Original Jones Art as created in that hotbed of creative activity, Austin, Texas. Can anyone see my tongue placed firmly in my cheek? Of course you can't.


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John Jones 02 Aug 2019

Nice sketch and humor as well

Artist Reply: Thanks, John! This is actually two drawings scanned side by side since they are quite small. But as they were drawn back-to-back, I thought they'd make a nice pairing. Hope you are doing well and being ultra-creative. :)

Mark Kokopelli Watkins 02 Aug 2019

Great scribbles,... very intriguing characters. Together they could be considered as,...Tunnel Vision!;) Fun characters!

Artist Reply: Hey, Mark, thanks for the comment and good idea. You ever get the feeling that a lot of folks here don't speak-a the same language? Or, if they do, they only have so many words in them and are afraid they might run out if they comment too much? May explain the four-word (or less) comments many of them leave on average. Hey, I haven't drawn or painted or sculpted anything today---but I have cleaned up my PC/Music room. I'll probably scribble a bit before bedtime. Hope you are doing better/great. :)