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Yet another twosome from the 3 by 5.75 inch notepad. These two are titled, as you can plainly see. How many times have we found ourselves pushing others away, those we love? And in close relationship, don't we find ourselves hardening our hearts as something of a self-protective measure these days? So here I sit pushing and hardening in Austin, Texas, It be Original, it be Art and it be from the hand of Jones----so that makes it Original Jones Art, I think.

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Mark Kokopelli Watkins 26 Jul 2019

This looks like a painful process my friend. Excellent sketches which only you can creste

Artist Reply: I think what causes a person to harden him or her self for defensive reasons is the most painful, Mark. But in the end, is that person more automaton than human being? Hope you are feeling good today and aren't 'hardening' anywhere in any way. :)