The Nothing

This month's Character Design Quarterly Challenge. Created for fun, a reimagining of 'The Nothing' from the 80s film The Never-ending Story. I liked the idea of what if The Nothing was a creature, a monstrous Titan unleashed upon the world of Fantasia. Originally I drew it and it looked like a giant Slimer (Ghostbusters) drawn in the style of Disney's Hercules. I wanted it to be a giant made of smoke and mist, reminiscent of a fat ghost hence Slimer, The Balrog (The Lord of The Rings) or Hexxus (Fern Gully) but it became darker, more solid and black. I can't complain. It was a fun project. Size: A4, Mediums: Ink, Photoshop, Techniques: Drawing, Digital painting, Surface: Illustration board/Mac

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Anonymous Guest 04 Dec 2020

what the hell is that